How the Internet is More than Fun On my Mobile

I would’ve literally hit myself but restrained somehow. That would just give my coworkers yet another reason to question my sanity. 

I’d just reached my office and was doing my daily routine of checking email and fb updates. The right sidebar on fb read – “Its Nidhi’s birthday today. Write on her wall.” Usually I’d just write on people’s wall and forget about it but Nidhi is my best friend and more importantly a big dramebaaz. “What would we do without fb!” I thought. But praises for Zukerberg had to wait because presently I had to organize a surprise b’day party, invite everyone, buy her a gift and of course - wish her!

I Want to Write

Its been a while since I wrote a full fledged post and longer since I've read one. But today I've been feeling this compulsive need to write. Write something, anything! I kept trying to come up with a nice topic but couldn't. When I started writing about these blasts in mumbai I felt more sad than angry; unlike what I'd expected.

Then I surfed through some of my favorite blogs looking for inspiration. I came across some nice posts-like this one from my good friend Tilottama However, I ended up reading all of her previous posts instead of writing something myself.

Finally I just logged into blogger and clicked the new post button (The new blogger interface rocks by the way!) . As I started typing out random thoughts I realized that all this time I was looking for a topic when it was right in front of me! It was the thought that was nudging my brain (painfully), making it hunt for topics to write about. I'd started writing with the title field blank but now I have the apt title.

Awesome Blogger Template

Heres a blogger template I designed especially for personal blogs. Its simple, minimalist and elegant. I have published it on speckygeek which is an excellent source of blogging advice and resources. To know more about this template and download it, please head over to -

A beautiful story of first love

Happened to catch this movie on Movies Now, called Little Manhattan. Needless to say that I loved it (otherwise the title would’ve been A horrible story of…). Anyway, Little Manhattan is sweet story of a teenager’s (Gabriel) first love.

Blogging Basics: A Summary

The phenomenon of blogging has been around for more than a decade now. A decade in the web world is equivalent to three decades in the real world (considering the pace at which the web is evolving).